Palace Central Square

Palace Central Square opened its doors to guests in 2016, after extensive overhaul renovations. It is believed that the house dates from the late 12th century and has a medieval Romanesque style of construction. Romanesque style features only about 60 houses in Split and Trogir area. It is characterized by multiplicity, elongation, and tall, thick walls built of a fine squared stone quarry.


The restoration reveals Romanesque niches, stone doorposts, original Renaissance wooden vaults and a special detail that is visible only to our visitors. The oral tradition tells that Augustin Kažotić, the first Croatian blessed, was born in this house (Dominican, Bishop of Trogir and Zagreb, education spreader). After being private, the house was owned by the Church, and in the 20th century it was bought by a prominent Karanušić family, who, within the home, opened one of the rare private dental offices.